The fifth investment of Virgo Ventures is Hustle, a link between frontend and backend development processes.

Nowadays, frontend developers are challenged by the fact that the technology and related software environments they are using are constantly changing and evolving. Besides the specific problem-solving solutions, they need to know about the build and deployment processes, the operating environment, which they must adapt to their product during the development period. For many developers, when starting to develop a new product, choosing the right technology and setting up the development frontend framework is a serious problem. Hustle helps: using a graphical interface, developers can easily use a wizard step by step to compile their new development environment. During the process, one can specify the frontend technology, the possible backend connection, and the build and deployment steps. Then, when the proper generators run, Hustle creates the desired project environment for the developers.

To achieve its goals, Virgo Ventures has given HUF 70 million (capital investment and subsidy) and incubation services to Hustle.