Kamilla Szandrocha

Managing Director

Kamilla has 15 years experience in investment promotion and state subsidies. During this period she has supported the growth and development of large investors coming to the CEE region and local SMEs. In the first seven years of her career, as colleague and director of the relevant Ministry and ITD Hungary and she has played a determining role in the creation of the Hungarian one-stop-shop investment promotion system, working out and operating subsidy systems. She is managing director of CEIS since 2011, supporting the investments coming to the CEE region, Hungarian SMEs in state subsidy issues and capital transactions and public players in working out market friendly and effective subsidy programs.
Mosonyi Balázs

Balázs Mosonyi

Managing Director

Balázs played a determining role in the establishment of the Hungarian subsidy system. Through 4 years he was leading the Controlling Authority responsible for 7 Operative Programs. Since 2012, as managing partner and professional director of CEIS he is dealing with the preparation and realisation of subsidized projects, capital ventures and strategic consultancy. He is founder and operative director of Virgo Ventures Incubator, supporting innovative start-ups with venture capital and incubation services.
Kovács László

László Kovács

Senior Consultant

László is dealing with Hungarian and European Union funds for more than 12 years. Based on his experiences at local and international consultant companies, he has submitted more than 200 winning state subsidy tenders. He is specialised on economic development, technology modernisation and research and development projects. László has joined the CEIS team in 2012.

Erika Grancsai

Senior Analyst

Erika is a senior financial, company valuation and controlling expert. She was CFO and external financial consultant at technology companies for long years. From 2012, as leading analyst of CEIS she is responsible for capital transactions, business planning, company valuation. She is also professional manager of Virgo Ventures, supporting innovative start-ups with venture capital and incubation services.
Bilek Péter

Péter Bilek

Senior Consultant

Péter started his career as a foreign economy consultant and worked for 6 years for one of Hungary’s leading consultant firm. Afterwards, he took high ranking positions at governmental authorities, responsible for foreign economy. Between 2013 and 2014 he was Vice President of HITA, the investment and export promotion agency of Hungary. Péter has joined CEIS in 2014 and he is supporting strategic consultancy projects and large investors’ developments.
Oszkó Emese

Emese Oszkó

Senior Consultant

Emese started her career in 2008 in the authorities responsible for the management of European Union funds. From 2014 she was team leader for strategic planning for EU funds between 2014 and 2020. She has joined CEIS in 2015 and she is responsible for the preparation and management of research and development projects, working out subsidy schemes, managing training subsidy programs. Emese is also coordinating manager of Virgo Ventures Incubator, supporting innovative start-ups with venture capital and incubation services.
Kabai Anikó

Anikó Kabai

Senior Consultant

Anikó is dealing with the planning, management, financial and accounting support and monitoring of state subsidy systems for fifteen years. As professional leader she has coordinated the decision making processes, realisation and monitoring of more than 50 000 state subsidy projects. She is leading expert in the fields of state subsidies, program management, strategic planning, SME development and research and development projects.
Wirth Balázs

Balázs Wirth

Financial Analyst

Balázs has joined the CEIS team and Virgo Ventures Incubator founded by CEIS as a financial analyst in 2018. Before this position, he worked for a Jeremie fund and a dynamic SME as financial analyst and project valuator. He is responsible for validation of startups, business planning, incubation and capital transactions.
Maczucza Emese

Emese Maczucza

Office Manager

After nine years experience in the public administration, Emese is responsible for leading the back offices of CEIS and Virgo Ventures since 2012. Besides, she is responsible for the realisation and financial disbursement of EU funds, especially for the project management of corporate training programs.
Czirbus Edit

Czirbus Edit

Senior Consultant

Edit started her career in 2001 in the Ministry of Finance and she was responsible for the accounting regulation of enterprises. Between 2004 and 2014, she worked at the department dealing with the financial planning, controlling, methodology and procedures of the EU funding system. From 2014 she joined the central unit responsible for the coordination of EU funds at the Prime Minister’s Office and the Ministry of Innovation and Technology in order to participate in the planning of the legal regulation for the time period of 2014-2020. She has joined the CEIS team at the end of 2018 and she is responsible for strategical consultancy projects, financial instruments and state subsidy issues.
Héjja Anita

Anita Héjja

Senior Consultant

Anita has joined the CEIS team in 2019. She handles European Union projects from 15 years. She has experiences on both granting and beneficiary levels of the EU administration. She is specialised on the realisation of public education and training projects, she contributes to CEIS services in this field as senior consultant.

Antal Dittrich

Senior Consultant

Antal was an analyst at the information system managing the Hungarian subsidy system for ten years. He was responsible for developing the subsidy processes to be supportable by IT tools and the management of connected IT developments. He was operative director of a startup, financed be CEIS-founded Virgo Ventures. Today, he is responsible for the management of startups at CEIS team.
Toth Viktoria

Viktória Pozsonyi-Tóth

Senior Consultant

Viktória has been working on strategic planning and management of state aid schemes for R&D projects since 2002. She has significant experience in knowledge transfer and cooperation between universities and companies and in the planning and implementation of an operational program for research and development. In the CEIS team, she is involved in the preparation and management of major R&D projects, as well as in the planning and implementation of development programs.