Aquincum Technology Incubator Receives ATI Award

Aquincum Technology Incubator was founded by Gábor Bojár, Attila Várkonyi, Gyula Lepp, Ernő Duda and our company, CEIS. As the organizing body of the Accredited Technology Incubator program, the National Innovation Office held a ceremony to announce the winners of the 2013 ATI tender, among them, Aquincum Technology Incubator. In this year, the international judging committee decided that 4 of the 20 applicants will be awarded the title of Accredited Technology Incubator in the fields of infocommunications and life sciences.

One goals of the tender was to qualify winning applicants as eligible accredited incubators for part one of “Development of technology start-up ecosystem” tender (Start-up_13), ran by the Innovation Fund For Research and Technology, and to give them an opportunity to acquire a de minimis grant up to HUF 60 million from the tender’s total available financial sources of HUF 2.1 billion.

As the most essential result of the tender, incubators earning accreditation are entitled to award recommendations for start-ups which successfully go through their own screening processes – a requirement of eligibility for winning grants in parts II-IV of the tender. By mentoring and making use of international experience and networks, the main responsibility of the accredited incubators is to develop start-ups into successful companies, competitive enough to enter international markets, grow quickly and to become potential targets of future venture capital investments.